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Jan 14

PS4 – What’s New In The Latest?

This season’s latest release by Sony, PS4, has attracted PlayStation fans with its innovative live streaming feature. This feature involves some pretty influential trends that are sure to perform as an ambassador for the console hardware, as well as the online network of Sony.

What Does It Exactly Do?

The console has a streaming button that can be tapped anytime during the game. The screen allows you to upload your last 15 minutes’ gaming clip. Chunk buffering is done by the console all the time, so that you can share your “cool” moves. You can even live stream your gameplay. Using or not using the PlayStation mic or feeds from the camera would be your choice. Gamers find this a pretty amazing and invigorating experience, and of course quite easy to start.

Live Streaming And What Else?

  • PS4 allows a lot of interactivity of the game and gamer with other devices and services. Apart from live streaming of games being the primary focus of  this gaming console, it also offers the PlayStation App to augment gaming experience using tablets of smartphones as a second screen. Also, majority of PS4 games can be played using wireless Remote Play with the design of PlayStation Vita.
  • Unlike the PS3 that had considerably complex cell architecture, the PS4 has a more basic AMD processor. This, according to the manufacturers, will help to attract more developers as well as support for the console.
  • The user interface for PS4 is named PlayStation Dynamic Menu. It is a customizable interface. The user profile contains various details of the player, and the home screen of the PS4 contains customized content from friends. The new interface also allows access to services of third party vendors like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix etc. as well as allows multitasking while playing.