Cristiano ronaldo bulge, no underwear, football bulge

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  1. Karaluvsrotties

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  2. Daniela Palazzolo

    you’re jealous ;]

  3. you suck

  4. youngsaengoppa1103


  5. i have a 9 icher baby

  6. mines bigger lol

  7. Daniela Palazzolo

    i dont blame that guy for grabbin id do the same and im a grl

  8. Nice..bulge but. Can yu put some nude pic of ronaldo plz

  9. From the large number of football bulges shown, apparently hardly any of these guys wear underwear. Not complaining, mind you.

  10. man sieht den PENIS baumeln, wie geil ist das!!!

  11. no underwear?
    weisse Hosen haben Slip “eingebaut”, da hat alles freies Spiel

  12. What song is that?

  13. EverythingMogule

    Was i the only one to noticed he got grabbed?

  14. nice

  15. SassyChicks1401


  16. hahaha

  17. Chupas!!!!lol

  18. He wanted to be fresh for that day.

  19. nice cock…

  20. omg why did i klick on this video

  21. this is no bulge,is a little bulge, big bulge ,mine.

  22. stephaniejay5506

    What made me laugh more was the music playing-EPIC!

  23. Busquets (i think) trying to grab it what a foul that would have been!

  24. what’s the name of the song?